Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 things about me

1) I was born on "Heilig Abend" - Christmas Eve. I still dream of having a summer birthday sometimes. 

2) I like taking reflection photos. Like this one, from the historic museum in Cologne

3) I am usually shy about posting photos of myself. So this is an exception, and you normally won't see me dressed like this either - it's a fun "fairytale" photo from the Frankfurt Bookfair.

4) I love visiting museums. This is a combination of 2) and 4): a reflection photo, taken in the Miro museum. It's also the only photo of me as with this touch of arrow girl

5) I'm into yoga and qigong. That's how this photo happened, in summer, while practicing. 


inspired by decemberreflections

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

in the air tonight

Today's theme for the december reflections is "in the air".

I tried a sunset photo, but then returned to the memory of a bird circling the blue sky, while rays of light streamed down.

Here's the sunset:

And in a synchronicity of themes, yesterday the radio played the perfect song for today's theme: Phil Collins - "In the air tonight":

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life,
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight..."


And as I keep scrolling further down to get to to themes and links, here the webpage again: December Reflections, and instagram: #Decemberreflections2016 ... and the themes:

Monday, December 5, 2016

Best Book of 2016 + memories of Miro and sunnier days

It's troubled day here. With bad news following bad news, despite all the Christmas lights. I actually thought about skipping this whole DecemberReflections2016 idea. But then, it feels like a ray of colored sunlight on days like these, and a walk through memories of happier days.

And so my personal best book of 2016 is a colorful art book, one that also is a symbol: the Taschen biography / artography of Miro. It's a wonderful book. I bought it after visiting the Miro exhibition in Frankfurt in April. And learned that there is a Miro museum with Miro's atelier in Mallorca. So I took the book with me, to read it under the Spanish sun... and visit Miro there, on the island that was his home for years.

Here's the memory from back then, with a note and photos:
"Miro museum. Colors shapes emotions. And: his atelier. The place where Miro lived and worked after he moved to Mallorca. His vibe is still here. Makes me want to paint. In bright colours. In constellations."


And the other fave read of this year: is a re-read of a found book. I came across it in the "telephone book box" (a book exchange installed in an old telephone box). And back home, starting to read, and not wanting to end. It's a memoir of Meike Winnetmuth, who at age 50 gets the chance to be candidate in a quiz show - and wins half a million Euro. She decides to go travelling for a year, with the plan to visit 12 countries, and live in each one for a month in a city.


The book is written in letters, starting with a letter from Sydney... here's the list of the 12 cities:

Buenos Aires
San Francisco
Tel Aviv
Addis Abeba

Like during the first read, I read the book at the pace of 1 city / day and loved it. "It's probably one of the best books I read this year so far. Found by chance," that's what I noted when I read it first. It's still true.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

In widening circles

Today: a cold but sunny December Sunday.
Today: the theme for decemberreflections2016 today: Circle
Today: sleeping until 8, and remembering a liquid dream
Today: still trying to grasp the terribly sad news from a friend.
Today: a walk. talking about life, good and bad luck, fate, and hope.
Toaday: tears. memories. a Rilke poem, and a circle mandala, for some solace.


Widening Circles

I live my life in widening circles 
that reach out across the world. 
I may not complete this last one 
but I give myself to it. 

I circle around God, around the primordial tower. 
I've been circling for thousands of years 
and I still don't know: am I a falcon, 
a storm, or a great song? 

- Rainer Maria Rilke, Book of Hours, I 2
  (translation by J. Macy and A. Barrows at "On Being")


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fave photo of 2016

I still remember this morning, like it was just some days ago: waking up early, looking out of the window, seeing the tunes of sunrise in the air – and slipping into my jacket and out of the door, to be right there.

And there is this other layer of meaning: a year ago, that time, I was in the middle of chemotherapy. Dreamed of a normal life again. And of walks along the ocean. Hoped that things would be okay.

Since then, I realized that the things that I took for granted for so long - to be healthy, to be free to make plans, to travel - that they actually aren't so sure. That life can change in a day. That you never know. But also: that life is so beautiful. That each new day, each sunrise, is a gift.

So the photo is also a symbol, for all the single new days of this year.


For the #decemberreflections
And for more notes from that time, visit this page.

Friday, December 2, 2016

star / light

Today was all overcast and rainy. But the week had some sunny hours. Like this one above: an afternoon sunset moment. And once the sun sets, it's time for candlelight. And for the real starlight. I even had a starlight dream: I was standing in an open space, with a wide horizon (like back then, in the desert of Rajasthan). All was peaceful and the stars so bright, such an abundance - and there was Orion. Like an eternal butterfly of flight.

And 2 light memories: smallstones, from January:


Tuesday morning. dark sky with a string of blue,
and at the horizon, a pulsing stream of lights,
coming and going -
early morning traffic


Half past five, daylight fading already
lighting a candle, I look up and see
right above the roof:
the moon


more skies from everywhere: skywatch friday
and more light notes: #decemberreflections

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Reflections, 2016

So there it is, the last month of the year. "It would be nice to have some kind of shared space and hashtag for that", I mused earlier this week. And then I simply came across it today: a post with the title "December reflections". Following it, I arrived at this page with "ponder prompts". Some playful, some about creativity, some reflective, some with a focus on the past, some about the new year. It feels like just the right thing at the right time for me.

Here's the link to the webpage: December Reflections

And here's instagram: #Decemberreflections2016

Below is the prompt list, and the notes for the first day: "On the table". Tomorrow will be "light", so two easier themes to start. And then it will be about the fave photo and best book of 2016....

 On my table right now:
  • a cup of tea 
  • a november-cats-bookmark-to-be 
  • the first december in my daily world calendar: penguins in Antarctica 
  • my first zentangle
  • pen and pencil 
  • and a straw star, from the box of christmas things that I fetched from the attic, and opened again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

feather of hope + november magic

This November is full of moments and colours: there will be a group exhibition of our art group from the onkology centre. We are all really excited about it. It will be the first time for us: the first time that our paintings will be on display, that they "walk out" of our room, and also the first time that we are on this other side of an exhibition - not the visitor, but the artist.

One of my works is a mixed media collage, which includes feathers, and little prints of poems. I needed one more feather for it, and walked along a sidewalk, looking for it - and found it after ten steps. this is the feather up there, next to one of the poems -Emily Dickinson's "Hope".

The exhibition, it also brings the experience of how much work it is to get such an exhibition together. But then, there is good energy coming from the preparation - this effect of a fixed date, of things coming together and finding their shape finally. The final two paintings were finished: yesterday. The exhibition is: tomorrow.

This Sunday, i went on a drive to reflect. I thought about writing a longer blog post, but then returned to preparing the exhibition... so I guess the longer blog post will follow this weekend. But I wanted to at least put this short update together, for the moments. Here's one from the drive:

And one from Sunday afternoon: terrace time with the red cat. It felt like summer for half an hour:

Another good vibe: over at wordpress, the theme for the weekly photo challenge is "Magic". It brought me back to this moment from April, from the old town of Tübingen - the passage, it looked like a magic doorway to me. 


And another magic moon: the "super moon" from last week.. Didn’t expect to get a chance to see the moon at all – but then it showed up between clouds: supermoon, the hazy version. and a nice web find: on instagram, more than 1.5 millions moon moments. this feeling of: we-are-all-under-the-same-moon.