Friday, October 30, 2015

october light, returning, and catching up once more

The final days of October, here they start foggy and everything looks grey. It takes a while, but at some point the fog dissolves - and suddenly everything is aglow in light and color. Like in a natural color festival of yellow and orange and red.

When the sun came out, I went for a walk, and then just stood there for a while, watching the yellow leaves whirl down from the tree, one after the other. It made me think that the very same place can be full of clarity, or full of haziness, That the difference sometimes is just an hour in time. And patience.


Still catching up, but it feels that things are now starting to be smoother. All the bags are unpacked now. And I returned to a collaborative art project, with the image and note above, following the theme "clarity". It was good, to make that step. Today I looked for the pumpkin candlelight to put outside for Halloween. On Wednesday I visited the library - it's a time of returning.

This weekend, I want to put a longer blog post together, with a reflection on the last year - it's one year now since my diagnosis. It feels now would be good moment to look both back and forward.


And some links: during the island stay I didn't browse much. But since yesterday, I keep running into links that I want to return to this weekend. So I thought, I might just include them here:
  • The Mindfulness Summit (which happened in October and was free then, so I missed almost all of that, but what a mindful project) 

It was this link that then brought the idea to turn November into my own Mindful month, and post a mindful post, image, painting or link each day in my photo blog Once Upon Each Day. The first posts are up already, and they include (surprise)... a video of leaves falling, which together with the photo above is my contribution to photo friday's current theme "Signs of Autumn":

And now, back to the original blog post and the list of links:
Also, Coursera has a new course that look interesting: Introduction to Genomic Technologies
And this one is still on, I guess I will have a look: "Sleep" - "The objective of this course is to give students the most up-to-the-date information on the biological, personal, and societal relevance of sleep." (There was an info session at the cure stay about sleep, and some of the insights were so valuable. Like: waking up at night doesn't mean that you don't sleep well)

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