Sunday, October 25, 2015

winter time, one month ago and beyond, this far, and: the joy of an ordinary work week

It's the final island day. Our flight is an evening flight, so we still have a full day here. Today is also the shift to winter time - which feels fitting: another time starting now. Tomorrow, it will be a normal Monday. Followed by a normal Tuesday, and by a normal Wednesday, a normal Thursday, and especially by a normal Friday. Friday used to be my days of chemo therapy, and that day still has a touch of that mood, of the getting up in the morning, hoping that things go okay. Knowing that my body will take 2 steps back again, in order to reach the safer ground in the future.

Future and past. Looking back right now, here's a rough of timeline on things:

  • 1 month ago.. I had just returned from the cure stay in Bad Waldsee.
  • 2 months ago... I had completed radiation and my skin had reached the point of healing that allowed me to take a bath again, to go swimming, and to take a first short trip, to the mountains.
  • 3 months ago... I was going through the last radiation sessions. And went to the hair dresser again for the first time, as my hair had finally started to grow again. That were the days of my shortest hair ever.
  • 4 months ago... I had started radiation, and got caught by neuropathy in the fingers and feet after all, a month after the final chemo session, after hoping that I would be lucky and wouldn't be affected by that long-term side-effect which is a companion ever since.
  • 5 months ago... I finished the chemo sessions
  • and a year ago... I had discovered the lump. In October 2014. The operation was at the end of October, and then it was waiting for biopsy results, and learning that I had to get chemotherapy, and then finding my way trough all of it.
It's a beautiful symmetry of time that I am on this island now, a year later. This week I took a walk at Formentor bay, which lead on and on, to a point of quiet, a point of beautiful views. I had my e-reader with me - I am reading Cheryl Strayed's biography "Wild" again, and opening the next  chapter I arrived at this page: "This Far":

And now: Sunday. Wintertime. Normality returning. I think I never looked forward to an ordinary work week like I am doing right now.

The time here, it was a time of reflection, and of walking, and reading, and enjoying. I don't think I will blog about all the books I read in the last weeks, I just let that pause for a bit, too - but here's a link that touched me: 9 learnings from 9 years of brain pickings. reading through them made me think of getting a post together with my own learnings of this time.

And 2 more photos :)

Yesterday I visited the sculpture park on Alcudia Peninsula - the round house is home to an "Oracle" art installation. Which asks you a good question: Which life question do you carry? And do you really want to know the answer?

The tree next to it... is an art installation, too. It's a "Wish Tree", created by Yoko Ono. Such a good reflective work: what do you wish for?

And the final photo.. from the final bay walk at noon. There was some sun, then the clouds took over again. I bought a snowy-glass-cristal with the ocean inside, to take that feeling back home. And stepping out again, there were 3 doves in the air, sailing. Like a greeting from the flight home to come.

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Guilie Castillo said...

I'm so glad you're doing well, and that you've enjoyed your time in Mallorca. I have a friend here in CuraƧao who is from there, and she's told me all these magnificent stories about the island... I'd love to visit sometime. On her last trip there, she brought me A Winter in Mallorca, by George Sand, and I'm starting it this week... And I'm sure the photos you've been posting will come to mind as I read :)

Seriously. Very, very happy to hear you're healing and moving back into this new Time. I'll look forward to your updates once you're back in the real, non-island, world—which, I'm sure, has missed you.
Guilie @ Quiet Laughter